Why I Can’t Wait to See Joe be a Dad

For me being a mom has always been very high on my priority list. That has always been my ultimate dream. While I played with my dolls and made my younger brother play house with me I always knew I wanted to be a mommy. What I didn’t think about at the time was what the daddy of my children would be like. As I grew up and started dating I knew in the back of my mind the man I ended up with would be the father of my children but as with any young girl it wasn’t what I was concerned with. After meeting Joe,  I vividly remember the first time I saw him with a little kid. Who just happened to be my youngest brother. Adam was 5 at the time and was at the stage where running around in your underwear and a t-shirt was pretty normal. Joe came to visit us and I can honestly say I’ve never seen him look so uncomfortable and out of place, even to this day, as he did sitting on the couch that night with Adam crawling up into his lap in his underwear and t-shirt, looking up at him, smiling his huge sweet smile and saying, “Hi!”. I couldn’t help but laugh inside as I gave it 10 minutes before Joe made up a reason to leave. He looked THAT uncomfortable. Thankfully he didn’t! And since that time he has gotten much more comfortable with kids of all ages. Now when I see him playing and holding our nieces and nephews I can’t help but fall more in love with him when I think about what an amazing dad he is going to be.

So here are some random reasons why I think Joe is going to be an amazing dad.

  1. He is so much fun.
  2. He keeps everyone laughing. No matter what he can always get me to smile.
  3. Because when he sings I can’t breathe, or think because I’m in awe of his voice. I can’t wait for him to sing lullabies.
  4. He gives the best hugs.
  5. He loves Toys’R’Us and wants to buy everything.
  6. He’s always up to do anything.
  7. His laugh is contagious.
  8. He is loyal beyond what many people (myself included) could ever deserve.
  9. He sees the best in people and has a way of bringing it out of them.
  10. Being loved by him is beyond what words can describe.  There is no way express how fully he loves. How completely he gives himself . All I know is that the child that is lucky enough to call him daddy will be blessed beyond measure to feel a love like his.

The reasons go on and on but I will stop here. I can’t wait to see the look of amazement in his face when he holds his own child for the first time. I know the picture I have in my head won’t do the real thing justice. Until that day comes I’ll hold on to that picture and know that for all the reasons above and beyond he will be an amazing daddy.

Love to you all, Rachel